Regintech M-office
M-office Landline to Skype Call Forward  DM PDF

1. Perfectly integrate landline, Skype and mobile phone calls

2. Support Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3 and latest Skype version 7.30

3. Forward incoming landline, PBX or Skype calls to mobile Skype or mobile phone via

    SkypeOut if the mobile Skype is offline

4. Replacement of SkypeIn for free service call. Very useful for areas without SkypeIn service

5. Forwarding incoming landline calls to SkypeOut is similar as Skype To Go service, but

    with much flexibility(next generation forward mode feature)

6. Support Skype to landline call forward(next generation forward mode feature)

7. Support Skype and landline dual direction fixed and random call forward(next generation

    forward mode feature)

8. Under PBX mode, employees can pick up office calls via mobile phones

9. Under PBX mode, an incoming Skype call can be forwarded to any Skype /SkypeOut call

    or any landline call with password protection

10. Under PBX mode, an incoming landline call can be forwarded to any Skype/SkypeOut

       call with password protection

11. Support various customized IVRs for PBX mode

12. Support Extension table and Skype speed dial. Both can be exported for back up and

       imported for use

13. Automatically set Skype status to match office operation hours(next generation feature)

14. Support Skype recovery button to resolve Skype login or slow connecting calls problems

15. Support Skype recording

16. Support Skype remote monitor. Good for soho office or home surveillance(next

       generation feature)

17. Skype recovery button helps you resolve Skype login or connection problem

18. Speed dial 999 for free Skype echo123 voice test(next generation feature for forward


19. Support e-mail and mobile phone number Skype accounts and forward setting for such

       Skype accounts

20. Support software online upgrade and latest software version check/ download

  M-office - Lanline & Skype Call Forward             Regintech M-office
Regintech M-office application  

1. USB 1.1 standard
2. Skype 6.14 or later version
3. One RJ-11 (FXO) port  for carrier landline or PBX analog extension line
4. No external power needed
5. Dimensions (LxWXH): 81 X 37 X 19 mm 

1. PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
2. 1GHz processor / 512 MB RAM
3. 50 MB free disk space
4. One free USB port
5. Internet connection (56 Kbps modern, ADSL, etc..)